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Peak to Peak

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8th - 15th July 2018 New Dates
12th - 19th August 2018 New Dates
9th - 16th September 2018 New Dates
£999.00 per adult
The package includes:
4 nights mountain cottage accommodation including half board
3 nights hotel accommodation based on Single Rooms including half board
No single supplement
Fully ATOL Bonded Return Flights from the UK direct to Poprad/Krakow
Flights from: London Luton - Poprad (2 hour flight - 15 min transfer)
Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Belfast - Krakow (2 hour flight - 2 hour transfer)
Return airport transfers
Tatra Mountain Insurance
Location: High Tatras national park
Duration: 7 nights / 8 days
7 guided hikes on a difficult level

The Tatra Mountains Slovakia are one of the smallest mountain ranges of alpine character in Europe. The highest summit of the High Tatras and the whole Carpathian range is Gerlachovsky Stit 2655m. There are over 100 lakes or mountain tarns in the park, which have been formed, in glacial kettles.

Join Mountain Paradise for a peak-to-peak trekking week in the Tatra mountains of Slovakia. This week tour will reveal the most outstanding valleys, peaks and mountain lakes in the Tatra mountains that are accessible through maintained tourists’ paths.

The trek itself is demanding but offers a unique chance to experience the atmosphere of the sweeping world of alpine meadows, steep cliffs, dwarf pine scrub, waterfalls and mountain lakes in an Alpine country for seven days in a row. Should you have any doubts about the difficulty of individual treks with carrying your luggage don’t worry – Mountain Paradise have exclusively arranged professional sherpas that will carry your luggage to each location.  The trek itself will lead you through to all  the mountain cottages located in the alpine level in the Tatra mountains Slovakia.

During the walking we will also have the opportunity to of spotting the local wildlife of marmots, Chamois and golden eagles accompanied by breathtaking views.

BOOK with a deposit of £200 per person with the balance due 10 weeks prior to departure.

Day One – Arrival

day oneDifficulty: Moderate
Hike Time: 3-4 hours
Lowest point: Tatranska Javorina 993 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Kopske pass 1750 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 757 m

We start in the village of Tatranska Javorina and trek into the valley of Zadne Medodoly passing nine mountain streams and gradually ascending to the Kopske pass with Belianske Tatry, the only part of the High Tatras comprised of limestone. After a short break and refreshments we descend to the first mountain lake called Biele pleso, shortly afterwards we reach our first over night location at  the mountain cottage Chata pri Zelenom pleso named after the mountain lake.

PeakWeekender12Mountain cottage description:
Board: Shared rooms
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes – Hot & Cold
Showers: Communal showers
Toilets: Communal toilets

Day 2

High TatrasDifficulty: Difficult
Hike Time: 10 hours
Lowest point: Zamkovská cottage 1475 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Téryho cottage 2015 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 1706 m

Full day of trekking from the green lake mountain cottage through the valleys and ascent to the Jahnaci peak 2230m and Velka Svistovka 2038m. We start by early breakfast and follow with the ascent to Jahňací peak which will reward us with a scenery of Belianske Tatry. The path will take us back to Chata pri Zelenom plese to have lunch. The trek follows with an ascent to the second peak of the day – Velka Svistovka.

CottagesSaddlesPeaks17After we have reached the summit we continue with a descent along the main Tatra tourist path (Tatra Magistrala) with breathtaking views of the foothills until we reach Skalnaté pleso mountain lake.

After a quick refreshment we follow the path of Tatra Magistrala with an outlook at Lomnicka Vyhliadka and then to Zamkovska cottage from which our last ascent to our second night location starts.

As soon as the views of the peaks around open we will forget about the steep path and with short breaks our trail will lead us through Mala Studena dolina gradually up to Teryho cottage where the dinner awaits us.

lomnicka vyhliadkaMountain cottage description:
Board: Shared rooms
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes – Cold water only
Showers: Communal showers
Toilets: Communal toilets

Day 3

PeakWeekender06Difficulty: Difficult
Hike Time: 8 hours
Lowest point: Hotel Sliezsky dom 1670 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Vychodna Vysoka peak 2428 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 948 m

Day 3 is devoted to Mala Studena dolina and Velka Studena dolina (Small & Big cold valley). The day is demanding with ascent and descents as we take the trail through the Tatra mountain saddles with a rest stop available at the Zbojnicka cottage.

We reach the summit of the day at the peak of Vychodna Vysoka at 2428m.Sliezsky_dom

A final descent for the day will pass via the waterfalls and lakes to return to the overnight mountain hotel. We set off early the next day walking through the valley with five mountain lakes.

We continue our ascent passing the Modre mountain lake up to the first of three saddles, the Priecne saddle.

Our descent leads us past the Sive mountain lake, Ladove mountain lake, Starolesnianske mountain lake, Puste mountain lake and Zbojnicke mountain lake.

PeaktoPeakAcc09Our trek continues in the afternoon with the ascent to Prielom saddle from which we descent and ascent another saddle called Polsky hreben.

Beneath us a small mountain lake called Zamrznute pleso stretches from the saddle until we reach the summit of Vychodna Vysoka.

Hotel Sliezsky dom is our accommodation for the evening which includes wellness facilities. After a break at the saddle we descent to our third night location passing a Dlhe mountain lake and a waterfall called Eternal rain. The last mountain lake we walk pass today is Velicke mountain lake which is adjacent to Hotel Sliezsky dom.


Mountain hotel description:
Board: Single room En-suite
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes – Hot & Cold + Wellness Facilities
Showers: En-suite shower
Toilets: En-suite toilet

Day 4

PeaktoPeak05Difficulty: Difficult
Hike Time: 6 hours
Lowest point: Hotel Popradské pleso 1500 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Rysy mountain cottage 2250 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 1046 m

Our path will lead underneath the highest peak of High Tatras as well as the highest point of Slovakia – The Gerlachovsky peak, 2655m. After a short walk we pass the Batizovske mountain lake with Gerlach dominating the vertical scale of our view. Kostolik – a nunatak is in the middle of Batizovska valley.PeaktoPeak12

The track continues to rise as we pass the peak of Tupa and Klin with the Koncista peak covering our backs. We reach the Osterva peak with our biggest descent. Our lunch stop will be the Popadske Pleso hotel. After the lunch we set off for the last part of today’s journey – the ascent to Vaha saddle and Rysy mountain cottage. We will ascent on the mountain path through the forest crossing mountain brooks with beautiful views of surrounding mountains.

After a steeper ascent the beauty of two mountain lakes appear, The lakes called Zabie plesa with the path around them flattens off. One of the Zabie mountain lakes resembles a frog with its front leg making a step forward when seen from above.

PeaktoPeakAcc07Zabi Kon one of the specific peaks in High Tatras can be seen in the middle of the stone gallery above us. Here we have already reached the altitude above the tree line and short scrambling secured by chains will take us to the last stretch of walking to the cottage.

Chata pod Rysmi is the highest located mountain cottage in the High Tatras. It was build in 1932 and since then has been hit several times by an avalanche during the winter when it is officially closed. After two avalanches in 2000 & 2001 the cottage has been moved to a safer spot. A big reconstruction took place in 2010 and the new cottage was opened in 2013. If the time allows us, those interested to reach the peak of Rysy can continue for a sunset glimpse from the summit of Rysy 2503m.

PeaktoPeakAcc06Mountain cottage description:
Board: Shared rooms
Electricity: No
Running water: No
Showers: No
Toilets: Communal toilet – outside of the hut

Day 5

rysyDifficulty: Difficult
Hike Time: 8 hours
Lowest point: Hotel Popradske pleso  1500 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Rysy peak 2503 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 816 m

The fifth day is marked by ascents on two summits – Rysy peak 2503m and Koprovsky peak 2367m.

Our day starts with early breakfast and is followed by a 40 minute trek towards the summit of Rysy peak, there we enjoy the morning sunrise.


From there we embark on one hour hike to the biggest and deepest mountain lake in High Tatras – Hincovo mountain lake (depth 53m). Hlinska and Koprovska valley stretches itself to our second summit only 30 minutes along the path. Koprovsky stit is named after its green colour and Kopor in slovak langauge stands for – dill.

From the summit you will view the mountains of Poland and Kasprow wierch as well as western part of Tatra mountains. We continue a descent to Hincovo mountain lake and back to Popradske mountain lake where we stay for a night in the mountain hotel.

The evening programme is a short stroll to the Symbolic cemetery situated close to the Popradské mountain lake bellow western slopes of Osterva. It was built as a memorial devoted to people who worked and tragically died in the High Tatras.


Mountain cottage description:
Board: Single room En-suite
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes – Hot & Cold + Wellness Facilities
Showers: En-suite shower
Toilets: En-suite toilet

Day 6

bystra_lavkaDifficulty: Difficult
Hike Time: 6.5 hours
Lowest point: Hotel Popradské pleso  1500 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Bystré saddle 2314 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 968 m

First we set of from Popradske mountain lake and follow the Hincov stream.

After a while we get to Strbske pleso from which we walk for an hour towards the Mlynicka valley up to the waterfall Skok has a glacier origin and is the biggest waterfall in Slovakia.

chata_pod_soliskomFrom there we slowly ascend observing the waterfall on our right and make our way to Kozie and Capie mountain lake. At the end of the Mlynicka valley we turn left and reach the Bystra lavka saddle from which we descend to Furkotska valley to see Wahlenberger’s mountain lakes stretching beneath us. The upper one is the second highest located mountain lake in High Tatras.

Their name comes from the Swedish explorer and botanist Göran Wahlenberg. The trail continues down through the Furkotska valley to our night location – Solisko mountain cottage.

Those interested can reach another summit to watch sunset from the peak of Predne Solisko, which is an hour walk up from the cottage.

vodopad skok

Mountain cottage description:
Board: Shared rooms
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes – Hot & Cold
Showers: No
Toilets: Communal toilet

Day 7

PeaktoPeak13Difficulty: Difficult
Hike Time: 7 hours
Lowest point: Grandhotel Permon****  940 m. o. s. l.
Highest point: Krivan peak 2494 m. o. s. l.
Elevation Gain: 968 m

For the last day of our journey we finish the list of peaks by the most important one. The mythical peak of Krivan– the national symbol of Slovakia.

The first known ascent to this peak is dated from 1773 and from then to step on that summit is a thing a Slovak needs to do. With its height of 2493m and crooked shape it is an unforgettable experience.

The ascent itself is not demanding. The habitat levels change from meadows to forest up to dwarf mountain pine and to the alpine level. Krivan peak is the most eastern accessible peak of High Tatras hence his summit provides a partial view the High Tatra mountain ridge. From the peak our final location is visible our last overnight stay – Hotel Permon.

After approximately two hours we reach Tri Studnicky ( three wells), but by the time we do will pass the Grunik – a place where partisans fought their fight in the Second World War. This is the place where we step into reality once again with our  transport to the Hotel Permon with its wellness facilities taking care of your aching body parts.

grand hotel permon wellness1

Mountain hotel description:
Board: Single room En-suite
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes – Hot & Cold + Wellness Facilities
Showers: En-suite shower
Toilets: En-suite toilet

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