Historical Day Trips

Mountain Paradise have carefully chosen the most interesting sites to visit during your holiday in the Tatra mountains, Slovakia. You will be able to see the natural beauties of the nearby caves, enjoy the sceneries of national parks from the slow wooden rafts and set yourself back into the history in protected and UNESCO listed castles, churches and mansions.

Your local Mountain Paradise guide will transport you to all locations and will be able to answer many historical questions. Each visit will be guided by educated guide of each historical sight either in English or translated by your Mountain Paradise guide.

There will be a stop and a break each day for lunch in local restaurants, where you can taste the Slovak specialties. Each restaurant has been chosen by Mountain Paradise representative and your guide will be always by hand to help you choose your meal. All restaurants also cater for vegetarians.

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UNESCO listed Spis Castle & Historical Town Levoca


The Spis Castle is one of the most precious cultural monuments in the Spis region and is situated on a dolomite rock 200m above the surrounding land. This ruin is one of the largest castles in medieval central Europe. Its history is very rich, from the 12th to the 18th centuries, this was the military watch fort and former seat of the Spis governor (Zupan). The castle was burned to the ground in 1780 and never rebuilt. The Spis Castle is enlisted on the List of World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

Levoca founded in the 13th century is an urban cultural historical reservation with many gothic, renaissance and early-baroque houses of nobles with arcade interior courtyards. The original town walls from the 14th and 15th century still remained preserved around the town centre. The Town Hall was built in gothic style in the 15th century, and it was rebuilt in the renaissance style at the beginning of the 17th century. St. James’s gothic Church belongs to the biggest gothic churches in Slovakia. It is a functioning cathedral and as a parish church of the former free royal town of Levoča , it has served its believers for daily worshiping for more than 700 years. A gothic church with the highest gothic altar in the world.

Pieniny National Park

DayTrips25Slow rafting on a traditional wooden raft in beautiful scenery of Pieniny national park on river Dunajec. The Polish Pieninsky Park Narodowy together with the Slovak National Natural Reserve Pieniny became the first International Park in Europe. Especially attractive for tourists is a chance to raft on a barge through 8.5 km long Dunajec river canyon. The cruise is along the boundary of Slovakia with Poland and will take approximately 2 hours. The journey runs through the beautiful scenery of the Pieniny National Park with numerous steep stonewalls and cliffs that dominate in this region. You will end the day in the stylish Slovak restaurant listening to Goral folklore music enjoying your gulash.

Belianska Drip Stone Cave & TANAP museum

Visit to Museum of Tatra National Park and the only show cave in Tatra National Park. The collections in the museum holds rare articles from botany, zoology, history and ethnography. The natural history section shows the geological structure of Western and the High Tatras, Belianske Tatry. The nature-protection section has on view the history of development of nature protection in the High Tatras, the work of the Mountain Service and present-day research on the territory of the TANAP. The historical section documents the setting of the Tatra territories and the historical villages. The exhibition Tatra Nature, is designed as a small botanical garden.

The Belianska Cave, known by gold seekers as early as the first half of the 18th century, is located in an attractive environment of the Tatra National Park, in the eastern part of the national nature reserve Belianske Tatry. The entrance into the cave is about 20 mins walk from the car park.

Pagoda stalagmites and flowstone waterfalls more than 50 m long dominate the show path. Total cave length is 1,752 m and vertical range is 160m. A noticeable vertical dissection of the cave is shaped also by chasms. Sinter “waterfalls” pagoda-like stalagmites and several sinter pools.

Historical Town Kezmarok with its UNESCO listed wooden church

DayTrips26The Wooden articular church in Kežmarok was included on the UNESCO’s Word Heritage List in 2008. The local Lutherans built it during a period of religious persecution, when they were allowed to erect only wooden churches. That is why even nails were made exclusively of wood. The ceiling is a continuous mural, painted sky blue with billowy white clouds and pink angels. It is one of the most evocative churches in Slovakia. The church has been protected by the state as an important historical monument since 1892. In 1985, the Slovak parliament proclaimed it a National Historical Monument. An expensive reconstruction followed in the 1990s.

The castle belongs to the so-called town castles. It was built directly on the territory of town to protect the town from enemies. The castle has changed many owner during its history and has undergone numbers of changes. The town got the castle from its last owner Ferdinand Rueber in the year 1702. The castle was used for different purposes, for example a storehouse. During the second half of 19th century the decision was made to open the museum in the castle, which was declassified in the year 1931. Today the whole area is a town museum with different expositions which give evidence of the historical development since its beginning to the 20th century.

Dobsinska Ice Cave & Mansion Betliar

DayTrips07 During your stay in Slovakia you will be able to visit the largest ice cave in Slovakia, situated in the Slovak Paradise, one of the Slovak national parks. This state-protected national monument is one of the sacred and most remarkable natural phenomenon in Slovakia. The average temperatures inside stays bellow 0°C during the whole year. The rooms of the cave iced up by repeating the temperature cycle for many centuries. The rich decoration contains monuments mainly designed by the air-flow. The whole ice capacity is estimated to approximately 110 000 m3. Dobšinská ice cave belongs among the most important ice caves in the world. Since 2000 it is inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

DayTrips27Betliar Mansion sits in a past hunting palace of the Andrassy family, which is situated in a large romantic park in Betliar. The first building dates back to the first half of 15th century. In 1985 the whole area of the mansion in Betliar has been declared to be the National Cultural Monument as important cultural and historical inheritance of many centuries.The exhibition in the Mansion Betliar shows life and living culture of the monarchy in 18th and 19th century. You can see nearly 50 different rooms including bedrooms, living rooms, 8 bathrooms and dressing rooms. Mansion Betliar is surrounded by one of the most beautiful “English parks” in Slovakia.


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